Flea Bites Info, launched in 2013, is one of the top Flea Bite  blogs on the web with focus on Flea Bites and Bed Bug bites precaution and remedies.Our main aim here at Flea Bites Info.org site is to make the life easier, comfortable  and stress free by providing necessary and latest information to get rid of bed bug and flea bites.fleasShamsul Arafin, is a passionate blogger in several websites, Entrepreneur of Honey Bee Apiary, educational background in professional (Chartered) Accounting and the last and left job as General Manager in a group of companies.He is an expert in Beekeeping, Entrepreneurship and Accounting. Also he can give you good advice about bed bug and flea bites. Any suggestion or consultancy need related to the above, contact him at jp78661@gmail.com

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01. Highest Education: CA (Chartered Accountancy) Course Completed.

This is the Highest level of Education I get. Of course this is post graduation that requires 4 years course of study after graduation.


02. Worked in a Group of Companies As General Manager

This is the Highest Position of my life started in 2010 and ended in 2013. Here I was proved a very successful GM. But I didn’t get return of my perseverance and hard work. So I decided not to do any more jobs in my life. I started seeking such work that can be performed from home at convenient time. Finally I got it.

03.  Worked in Ministry of Electricity & Water, Kuwait.

I spend an important part of life in Kuwait. From 1991 to 2002 I was in Kuwait and mainly worked in The Ministry of Electricity and Water.


04. Blogger of the following Website Properties:

(a) Honey Bee

If you like to know detail about Beekeeping this website is an ideal place for you.  Most of the articles are written based on my practical experience.


Honey Bee Queen

To read and learn more about The Bee, Click here.

(b) Fleas & Bed Bug

This website is designed to provide information about Flea Bites and Bed Bugs Bite, their consequences, remedy, treatment, and prevention.


To read and learn more about Fleas and Bed Bug, Click here.

(c) How to make money

This website is made intend to help new Entrepreneurs and those who are enthusiastic to continue education online, online casino games, make money online with surveys, content writing and so on. It


To read and learn more, Click here.

(d) My Honey Beekeeping Project

Interesting Facts


05. Entrepreneur of Honey Beekeeping Project

I started Beekeeping in 2005 and gather technical knowledge on Beekeeping.  Visit my website and read several articles to educate yourself on beekeeping.